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COVID-19 and Event Planning 

Opportunities for limited in-person events for our students, staff and faculty are now available and include graduation ceremonies and celebrations, dance practices, packaging and distribution (e.g., DIY kits), and speaker engagements. As we continue to limit the spread of COVID-19, initial in-person planned events must be held outdoors with limited capacities based on county and campus guidelines.

Events are not to exceed the limited capacity set by each specific outdoor venue. Face masks are required while on campus, either indoors or outdoors. No food or beverages may be provided. Symptom screening for attendees may be required. All events will require space reservations and campus approval via completion of a new event intake form. An Event Planning FAQ is available on the Return to Learn website. Details about the updated process and instructions to request approval and complete the new event intake form are available on the Campus Events and Activities Portal.

Updating events on campus calendars

If you have posted an event to a campus calendar and your event is canceled, please update your entry by editing the event title, short description, and long description with “CANCELLED” before the event title and beginning of the description to clearly indicate that the event is no longer taking place.

Please do not remove your canceled event from the calendar. Doing so might cause confusion for those who planned to go to the event and can no longer find information about it, or if they have bookmarked the URL for the original entry, using it will result in an error message.


Visit the Events Council webpage to view the webinar “Let’s Stay Connected: Best practices for engaging your constituents through online platforms during this unique time” and related resource links.

For additional resource suggestions or brainstorming assistance, please reach out to Special Events and Protocol at