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Exceptions and Deferrals

The University of California COVID-19 vaccination policy allows for medical exceptions consistent with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance and manufacturer labeling on contraindications and precautions. Faculty, staff and students are also eligible to request accommodations based on disability or religious belief, and deferrals are available for those who are pregnant.

The vaccine mandate overview is available in Spanish here.

All campus community members must be fully vaccinated (two weeks after final dose) or have a medical exemption, a religious exception, a disability exception or a deferral to comply with the UC vaccine mandate. Requests for exceptions or deferral should be submitted as soon as possible so you do not risk non-compliance with the Policy.

Those with an approved exception or deferral may return to their location with the requirement that they will follow campus guidelines for reducing the transmission of COVID-19, which include measures such as masking, testing and daily symptom and exposure screening.

Definitions of exceptions and deferrals:

  • Medical Exemption: An excuse from receiving the COVID-19 vaccine due to a medical contraindication or precaution.
  • Disability: A physical or mental disorder or condition that limits a major life activity and any other condition recognized as a disability under applicable law. “Disability” includes pregnancy, childbirth or a related medical condition where reasonable accommodation is medically advisable.
  • Religious Objection: A covered individual’s objection to receiving the COVID-19 vaccine based on that person’s sincerely held religious belief, practice or observance.
  • Deferral: An approved deferral of vaccination based on pregnancy. Pregnancy deferral will extend throughout the term of the pregnancy and until the covered individual returns to work or instruction, as applicable.

Graduate and undergraduate student employees are required to follow the STUDENT process.


You may request an exception or deferral here. You will be contacted by Sedgwick, our third-party administrator, within a few days with instructions on how to submit your exception or deferral request.

Diagram showing employee exception/deferral process


Students who wish to request an exception or deferral should visit the UC San Diego Services and Support portal. All exceptions or deferral requests must come through this portal. You will have the option to request a medical exemption, disability exception, religious exception or a deferral.

Once you have visited the Services and Support portal, please input your personal information and select the form that best meets your needs. You will then receive an email with the exemption/exception/deferral form that needs to be completed by you (and a medical provider when applicable) and returned to

New Student Vaccination Requirements

Incoming students must comply with the UC COVID Mandate (by being fully vaccinated or requesting an exemption/deferral) by Sept. 22, 2022. Continuing students’ deadline to comply with the UC COVID Mandate was March 1, 2022. Students not compliant with the Mandate may not be physically present on University property or at University events. Fully vaccinated means completing the initial vaccination series and a booster dose within 30 days of becoming eligible. The University does not currently require a second booster dose.

Starting in October 2022, the University will refer students still out of compliance with the Mandate to the student conduct office for an administrative resolution meeting. Additionally, students not compliant by November will have a registration hold placed on their student account, preventing winter course enrollment. Please be advised many student benefits, such as campus housing, student visas, or other benefits, require students to be in good standing or maintain full enrollment status.